Are Library Internet Filters Electronic Book Burning or Child Protection?

The Sacramento Public Library Authority Board upheld the action of the city’s libraries filtering access to the internet on library computers, despite challenges from the ACLU, the Sacramento News and review reported.

While there are those that see this as censorship – electronic book burning if you will – many people within the community see it as protecting family values. Both sides have validity and combined they reflect part of the difficulties of what can be accessed on the web.

The anti-censorship group say the filters stop access to legitimate health and sexuality information, while their opponents see the filters as protectors of children. The libraries do allow the filters to be turned off for adults and children with written permission from their families.

One member of the council summed up the anti-web position.

“It would probably break every rule in the book, but I’d say go and unplug every computer in every library,” SN&R quoted.

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