IndexTools acquired by Yahoo!

Yahoo has acquired IndexTools, a leading web analytics company. For another take on this, check out Eric Peterson’s post on the topic. As Eric notes, one of the interesting things about this is that IndexTools is a tool that arguably has the power of the top tier tools (see my review of IndexTools here), but has been offered traditionally at a much lower price point.

However, IndexTools has been slow to gain broad market exposure due to its headquarters location in Hungary. But now that has changed in a fundamental way. Yahoo can bring a new level of visibility to IndexTools, and could quite possibly take the E-Business edition of IndexTools away as a free product. Such a move would put a powerful stake in the ground in competition with Google Analytics and Microsoft’s Gatineau solution. You can also imagine what will happen when the IndexTools Enterprise edition gets pushed through Yahoo’s sales channels.

So congratulations to Dennis Mortensen and his team. I have gotten to know the IndexTools team quite well over the past year, and they truly have earned this new opportunity.

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