eMarketer Releases Mobile and Online Advertising Projections

If you love advertising projections, then have we got some numbers for you. eMarketer has released new projections for both mobile advertising and online advertising.

This year, US mobile ad spending is expected to reach $1.7 billion, up from $878 million last year. By 2012, it will reach $6.5 billion in the US, but it’s the Asia-Pacific market that’s expected to dominate the mobile landscape by then, with the middle class in China and India making up the bulk of that demographic. Worldwide, mobile ad spending is projected to reach $19 billion by 2012.

Meanwhile, online spending is expected to continue growing, the the rate at which the growth will occur will decline, at least for a few years.

In 2008, eMarketer projects online ad spend to reach $25.9 billion, a 23% increase over 2007 spending. It’s slightly lower than their previous 2008 projection set at $27.5 billion, released in October 2007.

But in 2009, expect to see the growth rate drop to 15.8%, followed by 16.7% in 2010 and 17.1% in 2011. Things start to look robust again in 2012, when a recovered economy is projected to boost the online ad spend up by 24.4% and reaching a whopping $51 billion.

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