Diggers Digg YouTube, according to Search Engine War Blog

Teddie Cowell over at Neutralize (**) just emailed me about a new bit of research that’s just been posted on the Search Engine War Blog which shows Diggers are more likely to Digg YouTube than any other domain. Using data from SocialBlade.com, MarkeD took a quick look at the last 5,000 front page stories on Digg. YouTube was the top domain, followed by Ars Technica, The New York Times, BBC News, and The Huffington Post.

So, what can search engine marketers do with this new data? Well, you can start creating YouTube videos. But, with more than 65,000 videos being added to YouTube per day, you need to do more than just post a video to YouTube.

Now, the magic formula hasn’t been patented yet, but we’ve tried some things that try to meet the “man bites dog” definition of news. For example, at SES New York, we asked exhibitors to give us their “escalator pitch.” This was much shorter than their “elevator pitch” — especially considering the frequent delays waiting for elevators in the Hilton New York.

Some of these escalator pitches worked better than others. One of the most popular was the Sendori Escalator Pitch, SES NY 2008, which had 768 views as of this afternoon.

Sendori Escalator Pitch, SES NY 2008

On the other hand, the “Global Strategies Escalator Pitch, SES NY 2008” only had two views as of this afternoon.

Global Strategies Escalator Pitch, SES NY 2008

And Bill Hunt, the CEO of Global Strategies International, is a friend! So, what can a say. So, things work and some don’t. All you can do is create content. If it gets Dugg, cool. If it doesn’t, well, it doesn’t.

As Chris Boggs recently observed, “Social Media: One Size Does NOT Fit All.”

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