Changes to Yahoo Updates Noticed

Just over a week after changes to Google SERPs were seen, over at Webmaster World, forum participants are noticing some changes going on in the Yahoo results.

Jgold454 kicked off the conversation:

I am noticing some changes/shuffling going on in my niche. Anyone else?

Textex also noticed a change:

I did some more thorough investigating and these results are really bad….

BillyS was finally seeing some relief since the last update:

Yahoo is like clockwork, pretty much rolling out a new update every 4-5 weeks. This update was right on time. The last one was announced on March 3rd.

We lost about 50% of our Y! traffic during the last update and we noticed a nice lift today.

FrankWeb wasn’t thrilled with the wikis turning up in results:

Looks like an update to me. See wiki pages climbing to the top for many results. Why do they even want for each term a wiki to turn up. If I want a wiki explanation or information, I’ll go to it myself. I find it a step back for search results.

Hat tip to Barry Schwartz

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