UK Govt. Want To Flog Floggers

The UK will roll out a new set of advertising and marketing regulations May 28th. The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 include some interesting laws that will impact web marketing as Judith Lewis of London-based SEO Chicks reports.

The big law many SEO marketers may have to be careful about is the use of flogs – fake blogs or reviews by employees or other profit motivated people. Without disclosing that these reviews etc are being posted by motivated writers can end up being legally dangerous.

Apart from the fines involved there is also the possibility of jail time. How that would work for a US based company that happens to find themselves in UK search results is yet to be determined. What about companies that are global marketers, will they need to filter what content is sent to UK traffic?

This could be a major impact on web marketing and how things play out should be watched closely by all global marketers.

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