SearchIgnite Releases Q1 Search Marketing Data

SearchIgnite has released search marketing spend data for Q1 2008 and the news is good for Yahoo, and so-so for Google and Microsoft. Year-over-year, same advertiser spending was up across all engines by 28.5%, but a slowdown in March spending growth is raising concerns for Q2.

Yahoo demonstrated the largest gain with a 57.6% increase in search marketing spend from last Q1. However, since Q1 2007 was a rough one for Yahoo, due to Panama’s delay, those numbers should be examined with caution.

Breaking it down by month, Yahoo saw a 79.2% gain in January, 37.3% gain in February, and 43.9% increase in March.

In quarter-over-quarter numbers, Yahoo’s share of the market grew from 19.6% to 24.2%, while Google dropped from 74.5% to 70.4% and Microsoft dropped from 5.9% to 5.45%.

SearchIgnite tracked over 22 billion impressions and 391 million clicks on Yahoo, Google, and MSN from January 1, 2006 through March 31, 2008 across more than 500 marketers, all of whom are clients of SearchIgnite directly or via its sister company 360i.

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