Lycos Partners with Click Forensics to Improve PPC Quality

One month after Yahoo announced its partnership with Click Forensics, Lycos is announcing a similar agreement with the click fraud firm. Today, at the ad:tech conference in San Francisco, Lycos will announce the new deal, which they hope will improve the quality of their PPC traffic.

“Because Click Forensics has access to critical PPC traffic data that search engines don’t, its solutions enable us to maintain the highest quality of the search traffic we send to our advertisers and partners,” said Ed Noel, General Manager of Search Products for Lycos, Inc.

Click Forensics offers a service that is similar to a spam filter. Their technology uses patent-pending analytics and live campaign data across various search engines to identify sources of bad traffic and click fraud. That information is updated in real-time and then delivered to clients via an API. The delivered data is tailored to the specific needs of Click Forensic’s clients.

Now this technology will be used to serve the Lycos paid search program.

“Lycos is one of the oldest and most widely-known Internet brands in the world – reaching 10 percent of the global population with 72 million unique visitors,” said Tom Cuthbert, president of Click Forensics. “They understand advertisers will no longer tolerate low quality traffic or click fraud often missed by search engines, ad networks and online publishers. By teaming with us, Lycos is taking a leadership role to proactively block low quality traffic before it affects client campaigns.”

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