Blended Search Increases Your Visibility – Jupiter Research

Jupiter’s recent study confirmed what we all suspected: search engine users click specialized content within general search results more than they do within vertical search results.

* 36% click “news” results within blended search results
* Only 17% click a “news” result after conducting a news-specific search
* 31% click “image” results within blended search results
* Only 26% click an “image” result after conducting an image-specific search
* 17% click “video” results within blended search results
* Only 10% click a “video” result after conducting a video-specific search

Images are the most clicked type of result after a vertical-specific search, but news items are the most clicked type of result within blended search results. Even in blended search images are the number two choice. With 36 percent clicking news and 31 percent clicking images this is a huge PR opportunity.

Many marketers have thought that since searchers don’t pay that much attention to vertical search there’s no need to optimize news and images. It’s definitely time to rethink that one.

“Marketers have a great opportunity to claim more search shelf space by optimizing their news, image, and video assets,” says Robert Murray, President, iProspect.

The study also revealed where searchers click:

* 68% of search engine users click results on the first page
* 8% review more than the first three pages prior to clicking on a result

PR takeaway: Optimize all your news content for search and make sure it is visible in the search engines. A news story on page 4 or 5 does you no good. Add images to all your news content. Optimize any images you already have on your website.

“Blended search increases a marketers’ available inventory and their chances of being found amongst the clutter,” said Murray.

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