Divorce by YouTube: Tricia Walsh-Smith Searches for Revenge?


Google’s YouTube is the dominant video search engine in the world. So if you’re looking for a “divorce” where else would you search? YouTube divorce, naturally.

Divorce by YouTube? Sure, we can think of lots of ways online video could lead to marital dis-bliss. But using YouTube to prevent a divorce? Brilliant.

Apparently that’s the thinking – or lack thereof – behind UK actress and playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith. She lives in New York (Park Avenue!), sometimes with her husband, Schubert Organization President Phil Smith, the broadway impresario who’s evicting her from their posh apartment.

That’s the set for this UGC reality show. Getting picked up by one of the cable networks, though, or another millionaire is a likely outcome for Ms. Walsh-Smith, who joins the short but impressive list of women scorned who exacted their pound of flesh online.

In the late ’80s, “Trish the Dish Best Served Cold” wrote the now quite appropriately named play, Bonkers. Several of her plays, including’ “Addictions,” “Change the Day” and “The Last Journey,” are scheduled to open in London this year.

Her rant replaces what the UK Telegraph journalist Aislinn Simpson revealed as a bizarre but effective revenge plot – at least to Desperate American Housewives: “stuffing fish fingers” in the curtain rod.

Of course in the Battle of the Ex-es and Sex(es) in the City, men aren’t sitting idly by while women take over the search engine world. (Unless you’re the famously eBay-ted Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales who had his wiki waxed by ex-girlfriend airing his dirty laundry on eBay.)

Try a YouTube search for keyword ”crazy ex-girlfriend voicemail.”

See the full uncensored and unexpurgated video rant after the jump:

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