Clickable’s SEM Software Gets Positive Reviews

Clickable is the latest Software-as-a-Service offering for Search Engine Marketers.’s Gerry Blackwell had the chance to get insight from one of the private beta testers selected to test the product.

Pam Emery, marketing specialist at outdoor gear supplier Backcountry Edge, found that Clickable streamlined her SEM efforts, which are just a part of the four-year-old companies’ overall marketing strategies. Emery engaged in a learn-as-you-go method when it came to paid search advertising. But now she’s finding that Clickable helps her manage PPC campaigns with ease.

Clickable is able to explain tricky paid search analytics in plain English. It can make suggestions such as “Bidding more for this word will improve your return.”

Emery says that instead of dealing with different interfaces for different search engines, she can now rely on just one – at least for Yahoo and Google. Clickable has a plugin for both of the top two search engines with one for MSN on the way.

Clickable’s interface is web-based and uses the company’s servers, relieving customers of additional IT burdens. Emery told that it’s too soon to tell if Clickable improves sales over her previous efforts, but it has given her confidence in her newly gained paid search strategies.

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