Guess Who’s Skin Deep in The New York Times?


You’re never going to guess which SEO rockstar was in The New York Times yesterday… Oh. You guessed. Right. Well then. Carry on.

Rand Fishkin , CEO of SEOMoz, appears on Oprah more than any other SEO. So we weren’t surprised to see Rand Fiskin and SEOMoz debut yesterday in The New York Times Fashion & Style section.

Come to think of it, we were surprised. We didn’t see the Times story mentioned in the growing search blogosphere. SEOMoz blogger Rebecca Kelley didn’t mention the citation in her weekly news roundup but fortunately, Rand “tweeted” the link to the NY Times article on Twitter today.

Skin Deep: To Cut or What? The World Butts In” a feature by NYT reporter Anna Jane Grossman suggests, “Gone are the days of making beauty look effortless. Instead everyone wants confirmation in the form of numbers, like so many singers vying for the love of the world’s Simons, Paulas and Randys. And it seems public approval trumps personal choice, or the advice of friends.”

The SEOMoz blog, (where SEW Expert Eric Enge and CEO, Stone Temple Consulting), has been guest blogging, received a coveted link from NY Times Digital.

So here’s the scoop on the author of The Desire for Fame in the SEO World:


For Rand Fishkin, 28, opening up questions about his appearance seemed like a natural — and entertaining — extension of crowd sourcing, by which companies or Web sites let users create and manage content. In September 2007, Mr. Fishkin, the chief executive of SEOmoz, a company that does search engine optimization, posted six photos of himself on his blog, and let readers vote for their favorite.

More than 400 nameless readers weighed in on the matter of goatee versus a full beard versus a clean shave. The next month, when Mr. Fishkin arrived in Stockholm for a conference unshaven and bristly, strangers approached him to tell him he had made the right choice.

‘For a reader, it’s compelling to be able to have a more personal connection with a person than just a blog-content connection,’ Mr. Fishkin said.”

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