MySpace Launches Beta Version of New Advertising Platform

Social media networks have struggled to produce confidence in their advertising options, but MySpace is hoping to change that with the beta launch of Community Builder, the social networks’ new advertising platform. According to Bryce Emo, Senior Vice President of Sales, the new platform, “enables marketers to fulfill long-term communication strategies with consumers who engage in and friend their communities. It’s an opportunity to connect with users faster and easier than ever before.”

Emo added, “Community Builder is the next evolution of the MySpace brand profile -– a more flexible solution that puts creative freedom and control into the hands of advertisers to ensure that a community stays dynamic and interesting in between major campaigns and projects.”

There are two versions of Community Builder: Self-Service and Full-Service. Self-service is for advertisers with advanced coding skills in CSS and XHTML, while Full-service is for the coding-challenged. Both versions offer advertisers 24/7 access to update community elements (blogs, bulletins) as well as increased analytics (via Hitbox) and profile functionality.

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