Twitter Expands to Japan, Includes Ads

Popular social media network, Twitter, has announced its expansion to Japan. But this time, ads will be rolled out with the launch of the service. The Twitter blog said that users will see “media from two clients.” So far, it seems as though the Japanese ads are display ads placed on the Twitter site, while rumors of contextual ad testing in the US have creeped up on blogs in recent weeks.

Part of Twitter’s appeal is social search. Users are finding that asking their followers for recommendations often yields better or quicker results than using a search engine.

Twitter as a utility offers only limited search – providing users the ability to search user names and locations for keywords. But third-party applications like Tweetscan enable searching actual tweets for keywords.

It will be interesting to see if any search functions will eventually include the inevitable contextual ads and if social aggregators such as FriendFeed will end up including them in their search results as well.

For now, it’s just hurry up and wait.

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