Google Analytics for Bloggers – Google Relaunches Measure Map


As Twitter microblogging captures the mainstream media’s imagination, Google Analytics has quietly relaunched Measure Map analytics for bloggers. Email invitations went out this week to alpha users of the blog tracking software.

The bad news for Measure Map bloggers: historical analytics data from the original Measure Map can’t be imported into the Google Analytics / Measure Map platform.

We reported on the acquisition of Adaptive Path’s Measure Map by Google back in February, 2006. Since then Jeffrey Veen and his team have redesigned Google Analytics and integrated new features such as Website Optimizer with great success.

Sitepoint’s Technical Editor Andrew Tetlaw posted a question on April 11, 2008 in a dormant Google Groups forum for Measure Map:

Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling MM has been

Performance is terrible, the browser report still doesn’t even
recognize Firefox 2.0….

That post seems to have spurred the Google Analytics team to email all the original users of Measure Map to test the newly rebuilt analytics software for bloggers. You can ask the MM team questions in the resuscitated Measure Maps Google Group.

Andrew also told me that to convert to the new and improved Measure Map you need to sign up for a Google Analytics account and add GA tracking code to your site. For an update, check out Andrew’s excellent post today in Sitepoint: Measure Map Redux.

We’re not sure whether the original MM “Date Slider” will be reinvented but it was one of the original cool tools for Analytics that had wide appeal (even if it seems clunky by today’s Web 2.0 standards).


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