Google Adwords: TV Ads for Everyone!

Google TV Ads have been in private beta since last summer, but now they’re groomed and prepped and available for U.S. customers. Why in the world should a search marketer such as yourself care about TELEVISION? I’m so glad you asked.

Offline advertising prompts online searches. Last summer, iProspect released study data suggesting that 37% of TV watchers are prompted to conduct a search based on a TV ad. I can attest to the validity of this statement as I’ve seen these results in the marketing analytics of a Fortune 500 company I previously worked with.

Because of this, integration is crucial. If your TV people aren’t talking to your Web Marketing people, then you’re not maximizing your marketing, plain and simple.

And then there’s the future. Expect TV advertising to become more and more interactive, so that it’s not just marketing campaigns that are integrated – but the actual ad is a mashup of TV + Web.

Whether you go with Google, engage in a local TV campaign or hire an ad agency, Google’s announcement today is a great reminder of keeping our marketing eyes on the big picture.

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