Pimp My Site: Tweaking High Traffic Landing Pages

When you have a page that is bringing in a lot of eyeballs, it may be tempting to just leave it alone. Cliches become mantras. “There’s no need to stir the pot.” “Let sleeping cats lie.” “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The problem is that if your traffic isn’t converting, then your landing page is, in fact, broken.

Thankfully, the Google Website Optimizer team is serving up tips on knowing which pages to tweak via a post on their blog.

First up are Landing Pages. Go to the “Content” section of Google Analytics and check out the “Top Landing Pages.” The pages you need to focus on have high bounce rates and high entrance rates. The blog recounted a scenario Avinash Kaushik spoke about at SES. He said he was searching for faucets and the top sponsored result led him to a sinks page. Perhaps the site is experiencing large numbers of site visitors, but they’re just throwing money away if they’re not giving the people what they want.

Secondly, check out funnel pages. These are pages that a visitor arrives at after performing an action such as a purchase, registration or download. In Google Analytics, you can set up a funnel which contains 10 pages pertaining to a goal. Then, you’ll be able to view “funnel visualization” reports that can show you where your site visitors get stuck in the process.

Remember, it’s the conversions that matter the most. Not the clicks or the referrals or the number of eyeballs. If your site visitors are not engaging in the actionable goal you’ve set for them, then it’s time to tweak.

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