New Updates and Publishers for Yahoo! Buzz

Yahoo! Buzz updated with new features last night. Among them are:

  • “Top Buzz” widget for any publishers interested in expanding their content offerings by displaying the top articles across Yahoo! Buzz (or within specific categories)
  • “First Buzzed By” indicators (showing who was the first to Buzz an item) and personal
  • RSS feeds for top Buzz stories overall, as well as within specific categories

Meanwhile, new publishers have been signing up to Yahoo! Buzz including:

  • Venture Beat

And it’s no wonder publishers are jumping on the Yahoo! Buzz bandwagon. So far, the service has sent almost 50 million referrals to their subset of publishers from the “Buzzing Now” links that appear on the “Featured” section on the homepage. Some highlights:

  • After being featured on, received nearly 1 million total visits for its story on “How the Aptera Hybrid Works.”
  • In part as a result of being featured on, reached its highest page view traffic of Q1 2008 on March 11, 2008. The highlighted “buzzing” story on the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame received over 700,000 visits from, resulting in over 2.4 million page views.

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