Live Search QnA Gets Updates

Microsoft’s Live Search team has announced updates to its answer feature, QnA. The updates to the service, still in Beta, are being dubbed the “Renaissance release” and include the following, according to their blog:

  • Focus on the QnA experience for new users.
  • Encourage users to discover content and functionality in new ways.
  • Highlight and award higher quality content by featuring members who are Top Contributors in given areas of expertise.

When it comes to search, answers are where it’s at for an increasing number of searchers. Recent data showed answer sites growing 118% in 2007, while social media is a medium for answer-finding as well.

For example, conducting a search for “laptop” in a search engine may return a list of companies selling laptops, but a searcher is really looking for a product that has good performance. Those answers are found through consumer and expert reviews, and answer sites are a source of that kind of information.

Microsoft’s Live Search team seems to understand this search behavior. Recently, they updated their product search experience and added products to mobile search.

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