Yang’s Yahoo Answers “OK, so now what?”


“OK so now what?” is the headline of Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang’s blog post this morning at Yodel Anecdotal, the official Yahoo! blog. Yahoo must face the future with Microsoft at its doorstep and Google as the dominant search engine.

Yang outlines the furious pace of Q1 when the search engine bought another company, launched new products, added partners, and opened new R&D labs:

* Acquired Maven Networks.
* Launched Yahoo! Buzz, OneSearch 2.0, mobile voice search, Flickr video, Shine.
* Previewed AMP and SearchMonkey.
* Addied Newspaper Consortium members.
* Opened new R&D labs in India and Israel.

All very impressive (along with a solid first quarter) but the blog post doesn’t address the number one question on everyone’s mind – and the most important one: What will Yahoo! do with search?

Yahoo has some innovative plans for improving search results but no plans for increasing market share.

OK, so now what for Google? Now that Microsoft is on the sidelines, does Google have any incentive to do an outsourcing deal with Yahoo?

The reality? No. Google share of searches continues to grow. Yahoo and Microsoft have been weakened further by the merger distractions.

Everything’s not OK in Sunnyvale today.

Without a Google deal in hand, Jerry Yang faces a very black Monday.

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