SLI Systems Joins Bazaarvoice Radius to Help Marketers Execute Integrated Social Commerce Strategies

Bazaarvoice Radius is a platform that enables eCommerce sites to develop partnerships to facilitate social media campaigns. Today, SLI Systems, a provider of on-demand search services for eCommerce, has announced that they are joining Bazaarvoice Radius. The partnership hopes to accelerate social media adoption by marketers, vendors and agencies to participate in what is being dubbed as social commerce.

“Our research shows that customers find it easier to make a purchase when they can see how other people have rated certain products. As such, Bazaarvoice Radius is a great way for us to extend the benefits of our site search offering to deliver an even better customer experience by including user-generated content within the site search results,” said Todd Watson, director of business development for SLI Systems. “By turning our intelligent site search engine into an intelligent social site search engine, we’ll help retailers gain an even greater positive impact on conversions and revenues.”

The integration of Bazaarvoice and SLI is expected to make searching easier for eCommerce consumers. Searches will be able to be sorted by product rating, and in the future SLI’s Learning Search will be integrated with Bazaarvoice’s answers platform. Basically, consumer-generated content will be searchable.

“Customer-to-customer conversations and user-generated content are top of mind for marketers — in fact, nine out of 10 marketers plan to add Web 2.0 capabilities this year,” said Brett Hurt, founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice. “The integration between Bazaarvoice’s social commerce platform and SLI Systems provides marketers with a powerful new way to extend the value of their user-generated content to engage more customers and ultimately drive more sales.”

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