Yahoo Tests ‘Glue Pages’ in India

Yahoo is testing a new home page design for its search engine in India. Dubbed ‘Glue Pages,’ the design has a 3-newspaper look with modules reminiscent of iGoogle or some RSS newsreaders like Netvibes. However, while iGoogle widgets are all over the place design-wise, Glue Pages modules have a clean, uniform look. On the other hand, you can’t drag and drop the modules or choose from a catalog of modules to customize your page. Instead, Glue Pages changes up the modules and the placement of those modules according to the keyword that is being searched.

The organic search results are in the left column. Because we’re so used to paid search listings being in a sidebar, these organic listings look like sponsored results. (Don’t worry, there are still 10 organic results per page.)

On a search for “cell phones,” a Google blog search module (of all things!) was the top center module. But on a search for “tea,” a module took center stage (and that Iced Mint tea recipe looks delicious!). Other modules include Yahoo! Answers, Flickr images, and How Stuff Works.

Glue Pages facilitates both discovery and answers, something that searchers and Web 2.0 users love. On both of my searches, however, the Yahoo! Answers module was placed at the bottom. And with the success of Answer sites over the past year (with Yahoo! Answers leading the pack), perhaps the module should be tested above the fold. But perhaps that will be part of the test in the future.

Check out the screenshots below or go and test Glue Pages for yourself.





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