Google: Our Brain is Just Fine, Thank You

Recently, Google has been losing executives and staff to social sites and startups. This has led many to speculate that Google is losing the brainpower that built the mega company.

But the so-called brain drain is not occurring. At least, that’s what Google spokesman Matt Furman told BBC news. Furman said that Google’s management pool is deep. Plus, they’re not want for talent with 1,300 resumes arriving at their doorstep every day.

Many Googlers have hopped over to Facebook, where they’re more likely to find the startup culture that was so endearing about the Google of years past. Now Google, despite its free lunches, is a bonafide corporation, with structure and chains of command to boot. Still, those Googlers may have had a harder time landing their Facebook gigs had it not been for the presence of Google on their resumes.

Of course, Googlers-turned-Facebookers may question that move if Microsoft should really, truly buy Facebook.

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