Google Maps Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4): Your Google Guide to Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto 4 sales topped half a billion dollars during its first week of release, earning about 5 times as much as the blockbuster movie, Iron Man. GTA 4 takes place in Liberty City, a parallel universe of New York, NY. More realistic than ever, many buildings and landmarks in the game are spot-on. The soundtrack rocks.

So how are GTA 4 fans navigating the game? Google Maps is powering the Grand Theft Auto Big Map, a wiki-style map where gamers can update places they’ve found in Liberty City.

The Google map has proven so popular with the GTA 4 community, moderators have posted the following message:

Note: Due to the sheer amount of submissions from all you pimps, the review process is taking longer than expected. Please do not submit the same marker twice out of fear your submission didn’t go through.

Here’s an example showing “Missions” and “Services” identified on the Google Map:


There’s a helpful outline of the basic controls of the Liberty City Interactive Map system at GTA ‘Hood. Yo’u’ll also find a detailed guide to help you add new marker location points within the Liberty City Interactive Map.

If you want to explore Liberty City online, you have lots of categories to choose from in addition to “Missions” and “Services.” Here’s what’s currently listed: Clubs, Bars, Cabaret Clubs, Strip Club, Comedy Club, Emergency Services, Police Station, Hospital, Fire Department, Missions, Start, End, Primary Objective, Secondary Objective, NPC, Steps 1-10, Most Wanted, Items, Body Armor, Health Pack, Weapons, Vehicles, Secrets, Hidden Package, Easter Egg, Funny Signs, Multiplayer: Extraction Point, NPCs, Contact Person, Pervert, Pigeon.

How detailed is the Liberty CIty Interactive Map? Here’s a screenshot showing all markers:


Of course there are always GTA 4 cheats available, like this one from Playstation Insider, if you want to find the flying rats, weapon locations and half-naked zombies faster.

After the jump, a quick lesson on how to use Google Maps to add your own markers.

How to Add a Marker on Google Maps: Grand Theft Auto Big Map

1) Find the location on the map, hover your mouse pointed over the spot and right click the map. You’ll see an “Add Marker” menu pop up.

2) Navigate through the menu popup and select the appropriate maker (Note: if you can’t find one that fits your needs, you can contact the GTA ‘Hood directly with your suggestion). For example, if you know where a truck is, choose: Add Maker > Vehicles -> Vehicle.

3) A pop up box will appear once you select the marker type. Fill in the name and description of the location.

4) Now you can move the marker around with your mouse to make sure it’s in the right place.

5) Once you’re happy with your new location, click the Save button.

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