Avoid Extreme Makeovers During the Optimization Process

Whether you’re optimizing a page for the first time or tweaking a page to improve your rankings, it can be tempting to give a page an extreme makeover. From title tags to keyword selection and density to link building, sometimes an SEO may feel the pull to change it all in the hopes of getting a quick return.

But making a bunch of changes all at once is not a prudent process. When multiple changes are made simultaneously, it’s difficult to know what is contributing to any changes (declines or increases) in rankings.

Instead, try focusing on one change at at time. So what should your first change be? It can vary from keyword to keyword. Using SEO tools can help you perform competitive intelligence to figure out which metric is most likely to have the greatest impact for a given keyword, as well as analyze your site for strengths and weaknesses within those metrics.

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