The One SEO PowerPoint Your CEO Must See

The PowerPoint Your CEO Must See” comes courtesy of the tremendous response we’ve received from the SEO community about the Matt Cutts SEO video we published from the Web 2.0 conference.

A few readers asked for a transcript (not available) — and no, the embedded Flash video is not search engine optimized. So we’re presenting the next best thing: Matt’s “What Google Knows About Spam” Google Docs deck in a slide show.

If your CEO doesn’t have 10 minutes to invest in this SEO deck, you can find a new job here

If there’s one slide your CEO should see, it’s the “SEO Is Good” slide.

Spam? Bad.
SEO? Good.

Last month Search Engine Watch blogger and RankAbove CEO Eli Feldblum created an industry firestorm when we published “SEO Spam is Good” last month. The post was misinterpreted, reviled and bashed by SEOs for implying that SEOs spam search engines. We didn’t have comments enabled then. Now we do.

Matt says in his blog:

I’ve always meant to do a post to say that search engine optimization (SEO) is not spam and that Google doesn’t hate SEO, but I never seem to get around to it. This presentation gave me a chance to slip those facts into the minds of several thousand tech-savvy folks.

[Thanks to Tracy O for cc-licensing the “money” image that I used in the presentation.]

Tracy O has a very cool “Where’s Waldo?” photo of a floppy disk in a landfill. Check it out. But I digress.

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