Obama Needs You! Obama Campaign Endorses Search Engine Watch Jobs Board


Barack Obama needs internet marketers to win the Presidential Election. So his campaign wisely advertised on the Search Engine Watch Jobs Board.

You know Obama Rocks the Youth Vote but he’s not stopping at the primaries. Here are the first two requirements for joining the Obama internet revolution:

We’re looking for internet experts who strongly support Barack Obama for President and have expertise in one or more of:

* Search Engine Marketing
* Search Engine Optimization

You can check out the full requirements for the Obama For America internet marketing gigs here. Note: This is a short-term gig. There’s no guarantee this will turn into a Cabinet-level position.

But wouldn’t it be great if the new President named a couple Joint Chiefs of the Internet? After all, Secretary of the World Wide Web doesn’t sound like much fun.

Or how about Internet General?

Yeah, we like the sound of that.

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