Forget The Video CameraTwitter Child’s Birth

In what may be the ultimate use of social media, Adam Audette – or just audette on Twitter – is twittering the birth of his child. Live from the hospital are messages on the stages of the process.

We are being brought along for the ride as it starts:

It’s on! Heading to the hospital w/ an extra car seat in the back. I’ll update when we’re checked in <- Our room at the birthing center

WE EVEN GET PICTURES <- Sally feeling good!

Sally is 6 centimeters dilated. Hooked to pitocin and ramping up

Now we are getting details! It is great reading… stream of consciousness texting – almost like a James Joyce novel. One wonders how some of our experimental writers would have delivered their art with all the media available today to use.

Adam and Sally I wish you all the best and guess I will be following this one – even on my phone while I am at dinner later – to its happy conclusion.

PS: My vote is for Sophia.

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