Google’s Mayer Reveals Search Advances Unveiled During “Factory Tour”

Yesterday, Google hosted a “factory tour” of their new search advances. Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products & User Experience, blogged about the tour on the Official Google Blog. There were three main search areas that she touched on.

1. Image search. Google now offers an “early form of face recognition” in their advanced search. Also, Google is looking at including ads with image search.

2. Geo search. User-generated content (UGC) is critical when it comes to geo search, and Google is working on how to make all of it searchable.

3. User intent. Google hopes to read the minds of searchers by figuring out what they meant to search instead of the actual keywords typed. Wrote Mayer, “You’ll get pictures or maps when that’s what you meant. Understanding user intent also helps us break down language barriers and find the best possible answer regardless of what language it’s in or where it lives on the web.”

Do you think Google is psychic? Let us know if you think Google can pull off “user intent” by leaving a comment!

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