Microsoft Live Search Cashback: How Will You Spend Your $600 Rebate?


This morning investment bank Collins Stewart hosted a confrerence call for clients who wanted to learn more about Microsoft Live Search Cashback.

The buzz and excitement surrounding the Cashback launch has been palpable.

CNET has coverage of the Microsoft Live Search Cashback call this morning.

What’s truly brilliant about Microsoft’s move: share of searches is the most watched index of search engine success. What matters most, though, is the quality of those searches.

The most valuable searches are commercial searches. Helping satisfy the collective curiosity of a nation is, at times, a noble mission. Most searches, though, tend to be news and gossip-related.

While it’s great for the online tabloid industry, there’s not much value in being the go-to search engine for the Gossip Girl and lad mag crowd. Does a search engine really care if it delivers the best results for “elke the stallion,” gyrotonics, and “la rag mag?”

Microsoft wants all Americans who receive a $600 rebate check to think of search first. If you’re going to spend money online, what’s the most relevant result?

The SERP that delivers value, savings and bargains.

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