Hacker Grabs Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan MySpace Private Pics

Okay I really wanted some witty headline or opening paragraph for this one, but these two make it tough to be original given all that has been written about them. Realistically the issue is really the hack of MySpace.

Seems some clever Canadian is using a hole in the access to MySpace using a Yahoo integration flaw, according to TrendHunter who has the pictures.

Now for everyone who clicked through to see them. Here are the Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton private pics.

But the bigger issue is how the advancement of the new catch phrase, “data portability”, may hold a lot more of these types of problems. What happens when some hack is discovered for the information in Google Health? Or for that matter any ecommerce site with credit card information, etc.

While having unlimited ways to access information is a much desired goal of the online world, it must be secure or the trust everyone takes for granted will be lost and we could end up back to the days when porn was the only industry that made money online.

Yeah I know I am going to get a few protests on that one… but hey think Paris and Lindsay are using MySpace anymore? Now if I worked at Facebook I would be reaching out, or they could just go over to FriendFeed and start a private room – until the Canadians start over there.

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