Acxiom Partners with Moon Valley for Comprehensive Local Search Results

Axciom, developer of online telephone directories, has announced a partnership with Moon Valley to provide comprehensive listings for local search. Moon Valley is the developer of software that searches the web for in-depth business information.

Together, the two hope to provide more substance to local search results. Listings will have more than just an address and a phone number. They will have additional company information to empower buying decisions.

“Say you’re searching for a pet-friendly hotel,” said Jonathan Cohn, Acxiom InfoBase_X™ data products leader. “Getting back a hotel name and phone number is just the beginning of the process in deciding where to stay that night. If the local search engine you’re using doesn’t give you more than that, you’ll go to another one, and the first service loses the chance to be your go-to source in future searches.”

What do you think about the Acxiom/Moon Valley partnership? Can technology boost local listings or will social media take the cake? Tell us how it is in the comments.

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