Yahoo President Sue Decker Talks About Online Advertising Transformation

Speaking at the 2008 Advertising 2.0 Conference in New York, Yahoo President Sue Decker spoke about the company’s role in the greater online advertising transformation.

“Yahoo! is helping to accelerate the transformation of how display advertising is both bought and sold,” Decker told the audience earlier this morning. “First, we are developing the technology, products and platforms that are designed to help advertisers find the right audiences and publishers find the right advertisers. Second, we are partnering with publishers to secure and monetize inventory that advertisers and agencies find desirable. And third, we are partnering with advertisers and agencies to channel demand to the right consumer.”

Decker also touched on four announcements coming from Yahoo about advertising:

– Yahoo will sell online display advertising for retail giant
– Yahoo! enters into multi-year global advertising partnership with Havas Digital
– Yahoo launches newspaper circular personalization program
– 94 more newspapers have joined the Yahoo newspaper consortium

What do you think about Yahoo’s online advertising plans? Will shareholders be won over and vote against Carl Icahn’s proxy board? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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