Yahoo Search Toolbar to be Bundled with InstallShield

Just days after Microsoft announced a Live Search toolbar distribution deal with HP, Yahoo has announced a toolbar distribution deal of its own. Acresso will bundle the toolbar with its installations of InstallShield. Yahoo says the distribution will reach 71,000 organizations. InstallShield has been deployed on over 500 million PCs worldwide.

“InstallShield is the de facto standard for authoring installs – from the top 100 software producers in the world to the individual developer. By simplifying the addition of Yahoo! Toolbar into their installs, software producers of any size can bring Yahoo!’s powerful search functionality to their end-users while opening up brand new revenue opportunities,” said Mark Bishof, CEO, Acresso Software.

“Our goal is to offer users access to the most comprehensive and relevant content on the Web. With InstallShield being deployed on more than 500 million PCs worldwide, this partnership gives us the ability to extend our reach with Yahoo! Toolbar and become the starting point for InstallShield’s global community,” said Vish Makhijani, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Search.

So, who out-toolbared who? Microsoft or Yahoo? Let it fly in the comments…

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