McCain to Use Google to Choose Vice Presidential Candidate

Republican presidential candidate John McCain joked to a small crowd of supporters that he was using Internet search engine Google to research his list of potential vice presidential candidates for his ticket.

“You know, basically it’s a Google,” Mr McCain said, to laughter, when asked how the selection process was going during a 10,000 dollar per person lunch in Richmond, Virginia. “What you can find out now on the internet – it’s remarkable.”

We tend to agree with ClickZ’s Kate Kaye, who interviewed Google political guru Peter Greenberger who concluded Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hampered by its failure to use search advertising consistently throughout the primary season, as both the Obama and McCain campaigns did.

We like the fact that McCain calls Google “a Google” as opposed to President Bush who referred to the search engine giant as “the Google.” It proves he’s much more Internet-savvy.

So who might be on McCain’s short list of candidates?

Based on a Google search for “vice president” there’s the obvious choice:

US House approves prolonged protection for Vice President Cheney – 13 hours ago
WASHINGTON, June 9 (Xinhua) — The US House of Representatives passed a legislation on Monday to prolong the protections for Vice President Cheney

Then there’s Condoleeza Rice, who’s actively campaigning for the slot according to ABC News:

Political Radar: Dan Senor: Condoleezza Rice Is Pursuing the VP Spot
If you don’t like Dr. Rice for Vice President, then you are a liberal …… The Republicans who think that Condi is qualified to be VP or President have to … –

We like the dark horse candidates found on the bottom of Page One:

Blog Search
Brian Schweitzer for Vice President – The Creature Politic – 20 hours ago
Arianna Huffington for Vice President – Financial Post – Diane Francis – 17 hours ago
Vice President – Flimsy Sanity – Jun 8, 2008

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