Beats Google in News Video Search

A year after launching a comprehensive search offering, beat out Google when it comes to searching for news, according to a survey conducted by ROI Research for DoubleClick. 57% of the 500 participants surveyed said they search for news while 53% say they search Google. Here are the top ten sites, with the percentage of participants who use them for news search:

  1. CNN – 57%
  2. Google – 53%
  3. MSNBC – 41%
  4. Yahoo – 40%
  5. – 31%
  6. – 25%
  7. YouTube – 22%
  8. Google News – 18%
  9. – 15%
  10. Google Video – 14%

And just how successful are those searches?

  • One-third of respondents find a relevant news video for their specific query on their first search Almost/Every time.
  • One-third of respondents find the most up-to-date news video for their specific query on their first search Almost/Every time.

When video pops up in a search result for a news story…

  • 36% of respondents are Very Likely to click on a video that is listed on a search engine results page while searching for a news story.
  • 35% of respondents are Very Likely to watch a news video that is embedded in a news article that they are reading.

Would participants like to see more or less video in their news search?

  • 33% agree or strongly agree that they would like to see more video in search results
  • 47% are neutral
  • 20% disagree or strongly disagree

How much online video news are participants consuming?

  • 51% watch 1 hour or less per week
  • 49% watch 1 hour or more per week

When it comes to local news, 79% of respondents use Search. Here’s how they query:

  • 42% use a local news station name in their search query
  • 31% use a city name in a query
  • 17% use a zip code
  • 12% don’t search any differently
  • 21% don’t use search to find local news

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