Yahoo! Mobile Expands Partnerships in Asian/Pacific Region

Playing on their popularity in the region, Yahoo! Mobile has announced the expansion of its search and advertising partnerships with Asia/Pacific companies. Yahoo! has scored 5 new partnerships with mobile operators agreeing to include oneSearch in their mobile search offering. Over 60 oneSearch partnerships have been developed over the past 18 months.

Yahoo! Mobile is also rolling out new mobile widgets for the region including Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! India Movies, MTV Asia, and Yahoo! Cricket.

In Singapore and India, oneSearch with voice for English now recognizes accents spoken in those countries, and there are new localized versions of Yahoo! Go 3.0 for Australia, India, and Southeast Asia.

In Malaysia, Yahoo struck mobile advertising partnerships with two mobile operators. The deal includes graphic ads and are similar to deals struck with AT&T, T-Mobile International and Vodafone UK.

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