Semantic Search Engine hakia Launches Syndication Web Services

Semantic search engine, hakia, has announced the launch of Syndication Web Services. The new service will allow third parties to use hakia search on websites, mobile applications and document management systems. Site owners can offer hakia’s generic search, implement a custom search, or utilize a vertical search on their websites.

I spoke with hakia CEO Dr. Riza Berkan, and he says that the advantage with hakia’s web search is the focus on the quality instead of popularity when it comes to delivering search results. hakia targets precision and accuracy in the goal of providing relevant results on a searcher’s first attempt at a query.

Today’s announcement includes 7 different ways in which third parties can utilize hakia’s Syndication Web Services:

  • Web Search – Brings search results from the World Wide Web
  • News Search – Brings news articles for a given query
  • Vertical Search – Brings search results from a vertical (for example, health) or from a particular database (such as
  • Summarizer – Provides a summary of a given text block or URL, ideal for content management systems
  • Categorizer – Identifies categorical terms from a given text (URL or text block
  • Characterizer –Identifies and expands descriptive phrases, keywords or tags. Ideal for SEM professionals and publishers
  • TMR (Text Meaning Representation) – Provides text meaning representation of a given text block, suitable for core technology development

Have you checked out hakia? Would you be inclined to use their new Syndication Web Services? Give your thoughts in the comments.

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