Google Officially Introduces Ad Planner

Earlier today, we brought you news of Google’s new media measurement tool. The official announcement has been published on the Inside Adwords blog. The new tool will be called Ad Planner (yes, there is a space between the two words), and is in a private, invitation-only beta. You can request an invitation, if you’re interested.

Ad Planner was developed for media planners in the hopes of creating a better connection between advertisers and publishers. Here’s how it works: Media planners enter their target audience demographics as well as sites that their audience already visits. Ad Planner will use the data to determine what other sites the target audience is visiting. The list of sites will include those on and off the Google Content Network.

The data can then be used to create plans, which can be exported via CSV. You can also export data to DoubleClick’s MediaVisor, another media planning platform. Google completed its acquisition of DoubleClick earlier this year.

Here’s what the Ad Planner platform will look like:


What do you think of Ad Planner? Will you request an invitation? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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