The Hottest Google Search of the Summer


The hottest Google search of the blockbuster movie summer is “Wesley Gibson.”

The film “Wanted” features a Matrix-like opening with star James McAvoy playing a working stiff unaware of his super powers (as an assasssin) just as Keanu Reeves was clueless as Neo at the start of The Matrix.

According to Wikipedia, Wesley Gibson, was a pathetic, cubicle-dwelling hypochondriac. His boss frequently chewed him out and his girlfriend regularly cheated on him with his best friend. His depressing life plodded on interminably and it seemed to him that he would never amount to anything. One day Wes is contacted by The Fox (Angelina Jolie in the film), who reveals to him that his father, who had been absent through out Wesley’s life, was actually a super-criminal called The Killer who had been recently assassinated, and that Wesley had inherited his perfect aim and uncanny skill with any weapon in addition to the name, twenty-five million dollars and his father’s place in the fraternity.

The vanity search by McAvoy when he Googles himself comes up with no results. (shown above)

The irony? A search for the keywords “wesley gibson” now shows results for the character in the comic books and film rather than any real-life Wesley Gibson.

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