Searchme Adds Media Search and Visual Bookmarking

searchmelogo.jpgVisual search engine Searchme has announced the addition of two new features. The first is Media Search, which allows users to search for videos and images from YouTube and Flickr. The second is “Stacks,” a visual bookmarking and sharing features that enables users to share what they find on blogs, social media profiles, email and web sites.

“These visual search applications enhance our core search engine by allowing people to use Searchme in fresh, innovative ways across various media and all over the Web,” said Randy Adams, Searchme CEO. “It’s another step in our long-term plan to add features and functionality, improve our beta engine’s relevance and coverage, and create a world-class search experience.”

“Until now, most web users have had to check multiple bookmarks every day, click on dozens of links pasted into an email, and hunt multiple times for sites they saw once but didn’t have time to check out,” said Adams. “With Stacks, they can now bypass these methods, saving time and creating an organized web experience.”

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