Google Launches Latin American AdWords Blog

Multilingual search is one of the growth areas of our industry and Google has added its own help in the space by launching its Latin American AdWords Blog. Written in Spanish, the launch today introduces itself and gives an overview of its intentions and direction.

I used a machine translator to get the English version of the opening post – but its seems to be pretty good (guess the translators are improving).

All the Team of AdWords of Google for Latin America welcomes you to our Blog: Inside AdWords for Latin America.

We are very happy to announce the launch of this new channel of communication that will permit us to share with you all our news. In it you will find counsels to improve your campaigns, information on the network of contents, launches of products and tools, dates for special training, strategies for attract clients in important dates, events of our region in which we been present and a lot more. Besides, the entrances will be in charge of the own Googlers and of some special collaborators of the industry of the marketing and the publicity.

But also we invite you to that participate, responding the surveys and sending us your comments, whether in the same blog or by mail to

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