Google Nixes AdSense Referrals, AdWords PPA; Rebrands DoubleClick Performics

Google has a slew of announcements about its advertising products, including AdSense, AdWords, and DoubleClick.

First up, AdSense is no longer accepting referrals. They’re advising users to remove the code from their sites, but to save the data collected through the referrals. Meanwhile, AdWords is phasing out the AdWords Pay-Per-Action program. Both programs have the last week of August as the expiration date.

Users of AdSense Referrals and AdWords PPA are being pointed to the Google Affiliate Network, formerly known as DoubleClick Performics. Performics was previously both an affiliate network and a search marketing company. Google divested itself of the Performics search marketing business for the obvious conflict of interest. The affiliate portion of the business is what is being rebranded.

Advertisers will be able to set CPAs for campaigns or design custom payments to affiliates. Publishers must apply and be accepted to the program, similar to the application for Adsense.

Finally, while the three remain separate programs for now, an integration could be in the future. Trevor Claiborne, writing on the Inside AdWords blog, “The Inside Adwords blog The Google Affiliate Network is currently a separate product from AdWords and AdSense.” (emphasis mine) That sounds like a hint of things to come, don’t you think?

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