Google Adds Privacy Link in Wake of Viacom Ruling; YouTube Addresses Privacy Issues

Recently, Google has been resisting calls to add a privacy link to their home page, saying searchers can simply type “Google privacy policy” in the search box to find the info. Plus, they didn’t want to mess up that beautiful front page – well, except for links to advertising and business solutions that will bring them money.

But the search giant has finally caved and added the 7 letter word to its page with a link to the policy. And as John Paczkowski points out at AllThingsD, the link just happened to go up just after a judge ruled that Google has to hand over YouTube user logs in a suit brought against it by Viacom.

Meanwhile, YouTube addressed the ruling on its blog. While they’re planning on complying with the ruling, they are working with Viacom lawyers to remove at least some of the information they’ll be handing over:

Of course, we have to follow legal process. But since IP addresses and usernames aren’t necessary to determine general viewing practices, our lawyers have asked their lawyers to let us remove that information before we hand over the data they’re seeking. (You should know, IP addresses identify a computer, not the person using it. It’s not possible to determine your identity solely based on your IP address. Rather, an IP address can reveal what geographic area you’re connecting from, or which Internet service provider you’re using.)

What do you think of Google’s move to put the privacy link on the homepage? How about YouTube’s decision to comply with the law? Fire off in the comments!

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