Google Earth Doesn’t Kill Rabbits; Rabbit Serial Killers Do


A sadistic serial killer has set his sights on rabbits in Germany. He decapitates them (chops off their heads) and then exsanguinates them (drains their blood).

Dubbed the “Rabbit Ripper” in the English tabloids (“Serienmörder von Kaninchen”), the Germans have created a five-man special task force to find the unsub.

His accomplice?

Police suspect the Rabbit Ripper is using Google Earth satellite images to find homes where pet rabbits reside. Volker Schuette, one of a special team of five officers hunting the killer, warned that many animals had been snatched from cages away from public view, suggesting the killer might be using Internet satellite images to track them down.

What’s worse: They fear the murderer will move on to humans if he or she isn’t caught soon.

Seriously? Jawohl.

Estimates of the bunny bodycount range from 30 to 40 bunnies beheaded in the towns of Written and Dortmund, in the Ruhr Valley, since last summer.

A taskforce of five officers has interviewed more than 300 people in the search for the killer.

The ‘bunny murders’ have alarmed owners living around the city of Dortmund who have now offered a £2000 reward to catch the killer.

In one case, brother and sister rabbits Fussel and Marianne were dragged from their cage, decapitated, bled dry and their bodies left for their owners to find the next morning.

One woman, Julia Perkun, has built a secret bunny bunker for her 13 rabbits in woodland on the edge of Witten.

“This place isn’t visible from the street,” Mrs Perkun told the BBC. “I try not to tell anyone where this place is. People know that I have rabbits, but I don’t tell anyone where this place is, so I hope my rabbits are safe.”

Police suspect there could be a satanic or occult connection to the killings. Ruhr Valley police said they feared that the assassin could be a Satanist, or Satanists, engaged in bloody, ungodly rituals.

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