Dick Cheney Is Spamming SEW: As Effective As A Shotgun Blast

As the Forum Editor here at SEW, I have to delete a lot of bogus spam posts. So much to my surprise I came across one new visitor using the screen name Dick Cheney to drop a couple of spam posts about some tool he is pushing from his site.

Obviously not the current Vice President since he is pushing some type of Craigslist toolbar and not shot guns or Enron or Haliburton. Nice try mate – but if Dick Cheney is doing any kind of reputation management he may come hunting for you. And we know he has no inhibitions when it comes to using shot guns.

Good luck with your tool – but link drops and other spam generally gets swept out of the forums pretty quick. We have good mods.

If you want to get links from a search forum I would suggest you spend the time to actually post here and give advice on the areas you know. Develop a presence and reputation for helping others and we allow some links to relevant information on other sites.

Come by and drop links and you waste everyone’s time – yours and ours – and if you happen to use a prominent person’s name as your nom de spam I would worry about them tracking down your site and creating problems.

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