Gord Hotchkiss of Enquiro shares new brand research

One of the smartest people I know is Gord Hotchkiss, the president and CEO of Enquiro. He’s smart because he asks questions about how people use search engines, navigate websites and engage with advertising — and then conducts groundbreaking research to find answers before anyone else.

Most search engine marketers know Gord as the father of eye tracking research — and if Gord got an American dollar or a Canadian Loonie every time someone used an image the “Golden Triangle” in their PowerPoint presentation, then he could take early retirement up in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Lately, Gord and the folks at Enquiro Research have been looking at online branding — and the the relationship between brand lift and search engine rankings. I caught up with him at SES Toronto last month and asked him what he had discovered lately while conducting some new studies with Google.

Web Search, Branding, & Brand Lift with Gord Hotchkiss

While Gord won’t be speaking at Search Engine Strategies San Jose, Bill Barnes, the co-founder and executive vice president of Enquiro, will be. Bill is speaking at the “Searcher Behavior Research Update” session on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 — which is Day 3 of the SEM conference.

Bill’s a smart guy, too. Or, as we’d say here in Boston, “wicked smat.” And I’ll bet that he’ll be sharing some of Enquiro’s new research on how searchers interact with search engines.

If you’re looking for the latest studies and findings — or just some new slides to incorporate in your PowerPoint presentations (with proper attribution, of course), you’d be considered “wicked smat” in my neck of the woods if you attended this session.

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