Yahoo’s Conversion Tips: Optimize, Navigate and Track

Over at Yahoo’s Search Marketing blog, Marketing Communications Manager Roger Park is offering up tips on converting your search ads. He breaks down a bunch of best practices principles to three main steps: Optimize, Navigate and Track.


Optimizing your landing pages is crucial to a profitable search marketing campaign. Park advises:

  • Have a “deep link” to a product on your site
  • Offer several contact methods
  • Online shopping carts should be secure and easily visible
  • Remove broken links
  • Have good server availability


Park encourages site owners and developers to put themselves in the shoes of their web site visitors. I personally have found that many of my clients have a difficult time being able to do this. They’re just too close to their business. So, it was nice that Park also served up some tangible tips:

  • Create an obvious pathway to the product that the visitor searched for
  • Don’t have too many layers between the landing page and the end goal – no more than 2 clicks
  • If the end goal is sale, move non-commercial content below the fold


Successful marketing campaigns are built on solid data. Consistently evaluate your data and tweak your paid search campaigns accordingly. Yahoo’s conversion-only analytics tool can help you do that. The tool can help you analyze keywords, tweak landing pages, and improve under-performing ads.

What do you think of Park’s advice? Anything else you would add to the mix? Share your ideas in the comments!

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