MSNBC Digital Network Becomes Number 1 News Site

MSNBC_logo.gif According to Nielsen Online, the MSNBC Digital Network ( was the number one Current Events and Global News site in June, attracting 37.6 million unique visitors that month. The MSNBC Digital Network’s surge in unique visitors is a 29 percent increase above its 2007 average.

Yahoo! News ranked #2, with 35.0 million unique visitors and the CNN Digital Network ranked #3, with 33.4 million unique users, according to Nielsen Online.

The MSNBC Digital Network was also ranked #1 in total minutes, with consumers spending a total of 1,058,344,000 minutes on the site (eight percent ahead of the CNN Digital Network and 42 percent ahead of Yahoo! News).

As I mentioned back in April in a post entitled “CNN and MSNBC Battle Yahoo News for Top News Site,” the battle for news site supremacy is a big story – similar to the newspaper war between Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst in the 1890s.

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