Knol Is Googlepedia


Knol is knowledge without the W(ikipedia) and an edge.

Knol is the newest product launched by Google. The Wikipedia competitor is in beta. Get ready for Knollywood.

Knol is basically Blogspot on steroids, organized by topic.

Google states the key principle behind Knol is authorship. Every knol will have an identified author (or group of authors). It’s their knol, their voice, their opinion. Google expects multiple knols on the same subject.

With Knol, we are introducing a new method for authors to work together that we call “moderated collaboration.” With this feature, any reader can make suggested edits to a knol which the author may then choose to accept, reject, or modify before these contributions become visible to the public.

People can submit comments, rate, or write a review of a knol. At the discretion of the author, a knol may include ads from our AdSense program. If an author chooses to include ads, Google will provide the author with a revenue share from the proceeds of those ad placements.

The New Yorker magazine will allow any author to add one cartoon per knol from the New Yorker’s cartoon repository. Cartoons are an effective (and fun) way to make your point, even on the most serious topics.

Of course, The New Yorker is a publisher.

Google will continue to claim that Google is not.

It’s like the famous New Yorker cartoon, “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a publisher.”

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